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The PST WR Club is compiled of Wide Receiver athletes who want to improve their knowledge, skill set and confidence to be the BEST Wide Receivers in New York, if not the country. As one of the most demanding positions on the field, Wide Receivers have game breaking potential and can directly impact any play and/or game based on how effectively the position is played.  The PST WR Club Membership, a 6 Month Program, will ensure that all Wide Receiver athletes will significantly improve in the following areas:


- Speed, Strength and Agility

- Stance and Starts

- Route Running

- Ball Skills

- Downfield/Open Field Blocking

- Understanding Route Concepts

- Press Man/Off Man Releases

- Understanding Defensive Coverage Concepts

- Top of the Route Efficiency


You’re on your way to a new training  experience that will "PERFECT YOUR CRAFT"

Long Island, New York, USA


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