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Led by Kahmal Roy (Long Island High School Standout, College All-American, 4 Year Professional Athlete, 10 + Year Coach and Trainer) PST Camps and Clinics are designed to improve the knowledge, skill set, and performance of each athlete who attends.  Our staff comes highly decorated with a wealth of combined football coaching and playing experience.  Through small position groups, high doses of education, and quality repetition we can develop any athlete.

PST Camps and Clinics feature the following:

Longer Durations of Training vs. Traditional Camps Ensuring Quality Retention and          Repetition.

Staff Representing High School and Collegiate Coaches as well as Former Professional and All-American Athletes.

Basic and Advanced Fundamentals Taught For All Positions and All Skill Levels.

Intense Focus on Developing Functional Movement, Strength and Conditioning that will Support Position Specific Skill Sets. 

"Educate First" Mentality Ensures All Athletes Will Have a Clear Understanding of Why, When and What They're Doing In Order to Produce Meaningful, Applicable Training.


You’re on your way to a UNIQUE TRAINING  experience that will "PERFECT YOUR CRAFT"

Long Island, New York, USA


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